6 Tips on How to Choose an ideal Property Manager

Oceanside property with American Flag blowing in the wind

Oceanside CA is an ideal locale to invest in. Besides the booming real estate space, the neighborhood is awash with picturesque beaches. The palm-dotted Harbor beach and the Oceanside Harbor best tell the neighborhood’s story.

Your Oceanside rental property is an investment that needs professional and proactive management. While many companies are offering Ocean property management services, you need to align yourself with a company that shares your dreams and aspirations. Such a firm will aim at maximizing your rental income and source for high-quality tenants who will properly care for your asset.

Here are some tips on how to choose an ideal property manager:

1. Check the licensing details
The property management Oceanside CA laws require that they have an operating license. If not, they are operating illegally. A professional property manager should be in a position to back-up their expertise with appropriate licenses and certificates.

2. Inquire about the number of properties under their management
Knowing the properties under their management gives you a hint of what they bring on the table. However, don’t base your judgment solely on the number of properties managed. Instead be more keen on the qualitative aspect; check how well they handle their existing clients.

3. Check their reviews and references
Before you schedule any meeting with a potential property manager, take time to go through their reviews from their customers. The reviews should demonstrate that the manager has good communication skills and that they handle both tenants and property owners appropriately. Keep in mind that a disgruntled reviewer such as an evicted tenant might not reflect the actual manager’s qualities.

4. Check out their marketing avenues
Technology will not only get your property leased quickly but also validate the manager’s competency and proficiency. A good property manager should make use of virtual tour marketing videos and other internet tools to market your property. They should also provide you with high-quality photos of your property’s condition before a tenant moves in and after they move out. They should also keep track of any repair and maintenance jobs.

5. Ascertain they have the appropriate insurance cover in place
In the property management space, there are bound to be some litigation processes over time. You need a property manager who is adequately insured. Some of the insurance policies they should have include; workers’ compensation, general liability, error and omissions insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance. Discuss with the property manager on whether you also need to have an insurance cover too.

6. Pick a good property manager, not a cheap one
While the cost aspect will influence your decision, a cheap option is not always ideal. Pick a manager with appropriate skills, trained personnel, and an efficient property management structure. Go for a property manager who vets the tenants and treats them well. Once you’ve chosen one, carefully go through their terms and conditions and confirm that there aren’t any unfavorable clauses. A good property manager should allow you to make the necessary amendments.

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